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Call for specific brand availability and pricing.
Stock steel $25 + UP + grip price
Taper tip $35
Dynamic Gold $35-$39
Rifle shaft $35-$39
Project X $49.99-$69.99
KBS Chrome, (Black) $39.99 - ($49.99)
Nippon $49.99
New Standard Weight Graphite  for Irons Start at $35ea + Grip
Pulled Graphite for Irons - Matching Flex Pullouts FREE! $25 (Labor Only)
New Stock Graphite for Woods/Hybrids Start at $45ea + Grip
Pulled Graphite for Woods - Matching Flex Pullouts FREE! $25 (Labor Only)
New High end Graphite irons Reshafts from... $39.99
New High end Graphite wood Reshafts from... $59.99-$300
Grips bought from and installed by GRIPS FAST GOLF carry a warrantee from defect in workmanship and material for a period of one week from the date of delivery.  If grips were installed over 7 days prior, there is no warrantee. We have these grips below in stock but can get ANY grip for you in a couple days. Installation cost is Included below:
Standard/Stock Installed for $5.99
Junior Undersize    $4.99
Winn Excel Std Black 5715w  $9.99
Winn Excel Undersize Black 3715w    $9.99
Winn Excel OVERSIZE Black 7715w $11.99
Winn DriTac  $9.99
Winn DriTac MID/OVERSIZE $11.99
Lamkin  Crossline Std $7.99
Golf Pride Tour Velvet $7.99
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize $8.99
Golf Pride MultiCompound Red/Black $12.99
Golf Pride MultiCompound MIDSIZE Red/Black $13.99
Golf Pride MultiCompound Blue/Black $12.99
Golf Pride MultiCompound White/Black $12.99
Golf Pride BCT Full Cord Std Black $13.99
New Winn Lite Oversize $11.99
Arthritic $9.99
Avon Chamois $9.99
Shaft/Club Repairs
Disassemble/Clean out Head, Hosel and shaft $10.00
Prep and Assemble Club $10.00
Extensions $10 + Grip
Pure/Spine Shaft $8.00 Per Shaft
Loft & Lie adjustments for Irons and Putter
$5.00 per